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KASEM CHAHROUR releases a book with co-author

Our founder Kasem Chahrour, has together with Johan Beijar released,

Your guide to Digital Readiness: Business, Leadership, Strategy, Culture & Technology.

It is available for purchase in both E- and Paperback formats.

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People, Business and Technology
fit for Digital


Digital Vibrations is a Swedish company highly specialised in making people and organizations ready for success in the world of digital.

We offer models and expertise on how to move people, business and technology towards Digital Readiness by creating and strengthening all capabilities needed.

Including Vision, Leadership, Business, Culture, Operations, Technology and Organization.

We do also offer coaching, training, support and advisory for executives, leaders and teams, in embracing and developing the leadership characteristics of Digital Leadership.

We believe that embracing a new type of leadership, fit for the world of today and tomorrow, is a must for executives, leaders and organizations to survive.

Connect with us, we want to contribute to the improvement of your business!


We help your business to achieve Digital Readiness

A company or organization that aims to survive and take advantage of new business opportunities that the new digital era brings, needs to implement and strengthen a certain set of differential business and organizational capabilities.

We offer expertise and support on how to achieve digital readiness, based on our unique Digital Readiness Model

When your organization has strengthened the capabilities needed for digital, it has achieved Digital Readiness and is ready to succeed and perform in the world of digital business. Or why not even be the disrupter!

Let us help you to check your digital status - and create the strategy and execution to your movement towards Digital Readiness.


How fit is your Leadership for the Digital Age?

The one single most important capability to secure for all businesses and organizations to survive and flourish in a digital world is the Leadership capability! That is the start.

We are specialised in helping leaders and organizations to move towards Digital Leadership!

Embracing the leadership characteristics that will make you and your business better fit for what it takes to be a leader and executive in the digital age!

It takes courage and hard work to transform from a traditional leader into a digital leader. Our job is to support you and your organization to succeed in developing and sustaining a leadership capability fit for the digital age - to grasp and act on opportunities, achieving the business and personal results you are aiming for.

Connect with us to start your leadership movement!
We would love to help you succeed.

Digital leadership training

We will in August 2019 start arranging Leadership Training in Digital Leadership.

Send us your contact details and we will soon send you more info. Contact


for executives, leaders and teams

In the areas of Digital Business, Transformation, Readiness and Leadership we offer services like

  • Coaching for Executives and Leaders towards optimal results in Digital

  • Advisory services - in strategy, operating models and execution

  • Leadership Team support and development towards Digital Readiness

  • Training in Digital Leadership and Digital Readiness

  • Interim Management


Inspiring and motivating speeches in Digital Leadership and Digital Readiness


Choose between Digital Leadership or Digital Readiness as a key topic for the speech and presentation.

The speeches introduce and embark on these two highly important topics for business and leadership in today's world of Digital. Our speakers inspire and motivate to start taking actions and move in big steps towards Digital Readiness and Leadership, with a clear connection towards customer focus and business impact.

For booking, please contact us below or at info@digitalvibrations.se

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Founder & Digital Leader kasem@digitalvibrations.se

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